System Synchronized Brightness Control (SSBC)™

FPP's term used to describe a technology that dramatically improves the contrast and color rendition of video and photographic images on electronic displays, adding intensity to bright scenes and contrast depth to dark scene.
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3D Displays incorporate a new FPP technology that dramatically improves the brightness, sharpness, and definition of stereographic desktop monitors. StereoMirror monitors present stable and flicker free stereographic 3D graphic and video images with a clarity that has never before been demonstrated.
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Dr. James FergasonDr. James L. Fergason

Jim is widely recognized as one of the leading independent inventors of the past 50 years and as the inventor of the liquid crystal display. He has been acknowledged as the father of the liquid crystal industry. His technical insights, leadership, creativity, optimism, and hard work led him on a life-long path of major technology contributions and to the creation of products that today employ hundreds of thousands of people and contribute billions of dollars to the world economy. Along the way he found time to mentor independent inventors and contribute to patent reform.

Who we are

Fergason Patent Properties (FPP) is an intellectual property development and licensing company, founded in 2001 by inventor Dr. James L. Fergason, a pioneer in the field of liquid crystal displays and one of the leading American independent inventors. Initially, he assigned a portfolio of more than 35 issued U.S. patents and foreign counterparts to the company, the majority of them related to electronic displays and liquid crystal technology.

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